Kokam launches high power UPS battery racks

July 2, 2018


South Korean battery manufacturer Kokam has launched a new line of UPS battery racks the firm said allows datacentre operators to use fewer batteries in their system— but retain “high-power”performance.


The K-UPS line adopts Kokam’s “ultra high power” lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide (UHP NMC) technology.


Kokam said the K-UPS battery rack has a maximum of 10 C-rate, compared to a 2 C-rate for most lead-acid batteries or a 4 C-rate for existing lithium-ion batteries. C-rate measures the rate a battery charges or discharges relative to its maximum capacity.


“K-UPS battery racks can provide up to a 500% more power at the same level of battery capacity as most lead-acid UPS systems, or 250% to other lithium-ion technology,” Kokam said.


“The fast discharge rate allows UHP NMC batteries to have better performance in a short period of time with a lower cost than other UPS systems.”


Kokam said the UPS systems using K-UPS battery racks are also three times smaller and around five times lighter than lead-acid systems with similar power.


K-UPS 23-megawatt battery racks are currently available and Kokam said 50MW units would be opened to markets in Australia, Asia and Europe this year.

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