Backup natural gas generator added to microgrid

May 3, 2018


US-based Alabama Power said its forthcoming “energy-efficient” community— Smart Neighborhood in Birmingham— will be equipped with an emergency backup generator.


The backup natural gas generator, together with solar panels and battery storage, will be installed at the microgrid at Reynolds Landing in suburban Birmingham, to provide power support for 62 homes.


Homes in the Smart Neighborhood project, which are also tied to Alabama Power’s electricgrid, are said to be 35% more energy efficient than ordinary homes under construction in Alabama.


The construction for the community is expected to finish in late spring.


Data will be collected from the homes and microgrid over the next two years to help keep developing energy solutions for residential applications.


John Hudson from Alabama Power, said: “Smart Neighborhood systems can analyse and predict the entire community’s future energy needs and ensure customers are served in the most efficient ways possible.”

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