Vanadium player pitches for Australian standalone power demo project

April 2, 2018

Western Australia (WA) has given the go-ahead to trial a major standalone power systems (SPS) project that uses a combination of renewable energy, batteries and backup diesel generators to shore up power supplies.


Renewables storage firm Vsun Energy, a subsidiary of emerging vanadium producer Australian Vanadium, said it has submitted a registration of interest to take part in the project, run by electricity distributor Western Power.


WA’s energy minister Ben Wyatt has given the green light for Western Power to conduct the SPS demonstration within part of the state’s South West Interconnected Network— with 60 locations earmarked to take part.


Australian Vanadium said vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFB) “have particular strengths

that are useful in SPS”— including the ability to store large amounts of energy, which “means that there is a reduced reliance on diesel”. “If sized correctly, diesel can be removed altogether.”


The company said VRFBs are also “non-flammable, meaning that they are ideally suited to the many bushfire-prone areas in WA”.


An SPS is “particularly useful in areas on the fringe of the existing grid where power is not as stable, or in remote, off-grid locations”, Australian Vanadium said.

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