Nesting storks cause a backup power flap for China's grid

April 2, 2018

A force of nature is ruffling feathers in northern China’s Hebei Province— where residents have been warned that power line ‘invaders’ could temporarily disrupt electricity supplies.


Some 30 oriental storks have begun nesting on towers between two 35-kv transformer substations used as backup power for more than 5,000 homes in Fengnan District, according to China’s state Xinhua News Agency.


The State Grid Corporation has decided to let nature take its course— which means homes may face power shortages until the birds leave, Xinhuasaid.


The manager of the State Grid’s Fengnan District branch, Wang Xiaoli, told Xinhua nine pairs of the birds— listed as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature— have eggs in the nests. The birds are already putting themselves at risk by flapping their wings near the high-voltage facilities, Wang said.


Meanwhile, Wang said the corporation would increase maintenance work to try and avoid power supply problems.


"We will find them a new home after the young chicks grow old enough to fly away," Wang said.


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