JCB adds emission-compliant options to gensets line

March 19, 2018

JCB Power Products is extending its flagship QS generator range, with the launch of three new sets powered by Stage IIIA JCB six-cylinder engines.


The G166QS, G201QS and G221QS add an emission compliant engine option to the previous G165QS, G200QS and G220GS respectively— offering outputs of 150kVA, 180kVA and 200kVA.


The QS line can be deployed across a range of sectors including back-up supply for commercial applications such as hospitals, offices and datacentres.


JCB said the addition of the three “premium models” takes the company’s standard stage IIIA powered generator range from 20kVA right through to 550kVA, powered by JCB, JCB by Kohler and Scania engines.


“Customers will be able to order and purchase this full line of highly efficient stage IIIA generators, in the UK and throughout Europe, until the end of 2020, when Stage V emissions standards will be adopted,” JCB said.


The G166QS, G201QS and G221QS generators are available with a standard 50Hz output. The new models are supplied in a class-leading heavy steel canopy, with a width of just 1,100mm. JCB said this allows two sets to be carried side by side on a trailer, reducing transport cost for rental companies and dealers.


“A 400-litre fuel tank ensures that the generators can be operated continuously for a full 12 hours, when running at 75% load,” JCB said.


All QS generators are supplied with JCB’s LiveLink for Power telematics system, as standard above 60kVA. LiveLink for Power “also delivers smart notifications, including inactive generator warnings”, the company said.

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