Siemens upgrade ‘transforms system for uninterruptible supply’

March 7, 2018

Siemens said it has upgraded its Sitop PSU8600 power supply system (pictured) with the addition of new supplementary modules to transform it into an uninterruptible direct current (DC) power supply.


To achieve this, Siemens said the new DC UPS module UPS8600 uses energy stored in BAT8600 battery modules to keep the system up and running in the event of a power failure.


The innovation extends the previous bridging times enabled by the buffer modules “from just minutes to hours”, Siemens said. “The PSU8600 has up to 36 outputs capable of being adjusted between 4 and 28 volts, and all of these can be buffered in the event of a power failure.”


“To maximise buffering time for important loads, it is also possible to selectively shut down certain outputs,” Siemens said.  “The Sitop PSU8600 is particularly suitable for use in applications which place stringent demands on reliability and simple integration, such as the automotive, food or pharmaceutical industries, and in the field of plant and special-purpose machinery building.”


In addition, the unit’s enhanced availability makes the power supply ideally suited also for process applications such as in the chemical, oil or gas industry, Siemens said.

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