Critical infrastructure set for boost in US firm's datacentre expansion

February 28, 2018

US telecoms provider Bluebird Network is boosting critical power infrastructure as part of an expansion of its underground datacentre in Missouri.


Bluebird said the planned expansion of the Springfield Missouri mine facility will create an additional 4,700 square-feet of IT infrastructure white space, a third 2MW generator, another UPS system and a 10,000 gallon auxiliary fuel storage tank. 


With these improvements, the company said the Bluebird Underground Data Center (pictured) “can independently operate for up to four days on generator power, deliver additional A/B power to its customers and improve the overall operational performance” of the facility itself.


The entire facility currently occupies 80,000 square-feet of mine space, with the remaining space being dedicated to critical mechanical and electrical support systems.


“All elements of this expansion will be located underground, continuing the design strategy of placing all critical mechanical and electrical systems underground to ensure operational stability,” Bluebird said. “This unique approach leverages the full protection provided by the datacentre’s natural surroundings, ensuring the best shield from both natural and unnatural disasters.”


The expansion is the second of three planned since Bluebird Network acquired the datacentre in 2014. Bluebird said the expansion project design is under way and bids to tender for the project will open in late May.



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