Yuasa puts spotlight on ‘dual chemical’ backup system

February 5, 2018

Japan-based lead battery firm GS Yuasa is to showcase its dual chemical battery system for datacentre backup in the UK next month.


Yuasa said it will be the first outing in the country for the system— which utilises both lithium-ion and valve regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery technology— and “allows lower capital cost UPS systems to be installed with lower operating costs and reduced electricity consumption”.


“In Yuasa’s dual chemical system VRLA and Li-ion technologies become collaborators rather than competitors,” the company said. “Strings of LIM batteries are connected in parallel with FXH VRLA types to the same DC bus of a UPS. If the electricity supply fails, over 90% of the load is supported by the system’s Li-ion batteries.”


The charger can be switched off for most of the time and recirculating current from Li-ion to VRLA strings “maintains the latter in good condition”, Yuasa said.


The system will be in the spotlight at the annual Data Centre World in London. Yuasa said it will also exhibit a lithium-ion energy storage cabinet “designed to be a space saving, ‘plug and play’ solution” that contains 12 GS Yuasa LIM50EN-12-F2 Li-ion high energy modules controlled by a battery management system”.


“Despite being only the size of a filing cabinet, the system provides 300kW of power and is designed to be a convenient alternative to VRLA powered UPS systems for datacentre and other critical standby power applications,” Yuasa said.

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