Cyber Power unveils building and industrial controls protection system

February 1, 2018

Cyber Power Systems (USA) has launched a UPS system designed to protect building and industrial controls and devices from power failure, interruptions, over-voltages and surges.


The Minnesota-based company said the Cyber Power BAS34U24V protects controller and server platforms, networking devices, data loggers, remote facility monitors, and other equipment from power disruptions— “avoiding loss of vital data and service failures”.


“The UPS system is the first in a series of automation power-protection products to safeguard equipment within building automation systems, energy management systems and other production-related systems that run smart buildings and factories,” the company said.


Features of the system include a high density lithium-ion battery and an “innovative electronic design with DC output that yields an extended battery runtime of up to four hours at 80% rated capacity”. SNMP internet-standard protocol provides critical information and alerts, such as remaining battery runtime and power conditions.


Product management director Tim Derochie said: “Today’s smart buildings and industrial systems rely on computing and analytics placed close to the network edge.” He said the new product “protects connected edge devices on the plant or building floor, such as controllers and sensors, from damaging power events like surges, spikes and blackouts.”


“The unit provides a continuous flow of clean power to ensure efficient building and equipment operation that, in turn, will flow clean data and analytics to maintain accurate building management,” Derochie said.


According to Cyber Power, the new system “serves the growing shift from siloed building systems to an interconnected system of internet of things (IoT) devices and sensors that collect and share data within and across portfolios”.

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