ABB upgrades backup power for European bank

January 9, 2018


Swiss engineering company ABB has installed a “groundbreaking” smart circuit breaker to upgrade backup power for “a major EU economy’s central bank” in Rome.


ABB said the Emax 2 circuit breaker increases security and system resilience and has allowed the bank— which is not being named— to “downsize its backup power investment while reinforcing energy security strategy”.


Giuseppe Scali, global product management manager for ABB’s low-voltage circuit breakers business, said: “Emax 2 simplifies the control and protection coordination of microgrids. For critical power applications like banks, Emax 2 is the smartest way to give their energy supply an extra layer of resilience without additional genset investments or complex programming.”


ABB said “if ever the bank needs to switch to its streamlined backup power, designed only for essential loads, the Emax 2’s embedded software delivers a load shedding strategy based on power and frequency measurements”. According to pre-set priorities, non-critical loads are quickly disconnected while essential operations stay up and running, the company said. “When utility power is restored, ABB’s breaker safely reconnects these loads automatically.”


Emax 2’s patented embedded software “learns the power system’s behaviour and adapts the plant load and generation configuration to electrical grid changes”, ABB said.

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