Sacred Sun renews backup power deal to keep Channel Tunnel on track

December 12, 2017

Chinese battery giant Sacred Sun is to continue providing backup power for the subsea English Channel rail link between the UK and France under a deal with Getlink, formerly known as Eurotunnel.


Getlink has renewed a contract for Sacred Sun’s supply of its GFMG 2V wide “high-power” series valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) battery using AGM technology backup for the entire 50.5-kilometre Channel Tunnel. The GFMG VRLA battery is capable of cycling more than 1,000 times at a 50% depth of discharge, with a designed service life of 12 years (25℃).


Sacred Sun has provided a backup power solution for the tunnel since 2008. The underwater portion of the tunnel is 37.9km long and is the world’s longest subsea section.


The contract renewal has been approved ahead of the scheduled retirement of the existing battery after 10 years of service. Sacred Sun said the renewal is the result of delivering “zero fault” backup power supply performance since the battery was installed— and “safeguarding the good running of the overall system”.


The GFMG battery helps guarantee power supply for tunnel lighting, monitoring and other systems in what is a “wet and high salt corrosive undersea environment”, Sacred Sun said.


The battery supplier said its bespoke technology has a high rate discharge and 99.2% rechargeability that outstrips other products on the market. The battery technology can also be deployed in UPS, telecoms and transport systems.


Sacred Sun, founded in 1991, is one of the biggest VLRA battery manufacturers in China, and said it produces the most extensive range of lead batteries in the world. The company also provided battery products to support the 2008 Summer Olympic Games held in Beijing.


Sacred Sun set up a European office in Belgium in 2014, to support the company’s annual programme of inspections for its overseas projects. For more information about the company click here.



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