Tesla BESS to provide Nantucket backup power

November 14, 2017


National Grid is to install a Tesla 48MWh battery energy storage system plus a new diesel generator on the island of Nantucket, 30 miles off the Massachusetts coast, to supply emergency backup power.


The international electricity and gas company said power for Nantucket, which “has been experiencing significant growth and demand for electricity”, is supplied by two submarine cables that connect with the mainland transmission system on Cape Cod.


In the event of a failure on one of the cables, two six-megawatt diesel generators are available to provide partial backup power. However, National Grid said the diesel generators “are reaching the end of their useful life and need to be replaced”.


“Additionally, given the growth forecast, the island’s emergency electricity back-up system needs to be expanded, and a third submarine cable likely will be needed in about 12 years,” National Grid said.


National Grid said it expected that with the BESS, “the need for a third cable can be delayed for 15 to 20 years beyond the current 12-year forecast”.


“The BESS provides a very efficient and effective solution to two major energy challenges facing the island,” said Rudy Wynter, president and chief operating officer of National Grid’s Federal Energy Regulation Commission-regulated businesses. 

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