Schneider Electric introduces APC Smart-UPS

November 14, 2017


Schneider Electric has launched APC SmartConnect – a cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT environments.


US-based Schneider said the device, available as a standard feature with select models in APC’s Smart-UPS portfolio of solutions, will help firms with limited IT staff and resources to “proactively and effectively manage the health of their UPS systems”.


SmartConnect uses the company’s cloud-enabled EcoStruxure IT architecture to gather and send data about the health and status of clients’ UPS devices including battery replacement, warranty renewal and UPS performance notifications. In addition, the technology provides “a secure, cloud-based web portal where customers can view the status of their UPS, accessible from any internet-connected device”.


SmartConnect is also ready “for even non-technical users to install” – and could help small and medium-sized business in particular that have limited IT staff and resources, Schneider said.


“UPS battery failure on any piece of equipment is undesirable, but on the most business-critical technology it could mean catastrophic business delays and profit loss. To compound the criticality, today’s IoT-enabled world means these devices are likely supporting onsite and remote edge environments that must function at the same level of availability and security as the largest and most mission critical data centres.”

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