Narada deal for Alibaba data centre

November 14, 2017


Chinese battery maker Narada Power has said its backup power supply business has been boosted by a deal with the country’s e-commerce giant the Alibaba Group.


Narada recently became the winning bidder and “main rechargeable batteries supplier” for one of Alibaba’s cloud computing data centres, set up in partnership with data centre service provider Shanghai Athub.


“This marks the full customer recognition and acceptance of Narada’s back-up power supply products in data centre related application fields and will hopefully become the important driver of Narada’s back-up power supply business growth in future,” Narada said.


The battery maker said the “rapid development of internet and data related business, the demand for data storage and big data has seen a substantial growth” in China. “As one of the most important necessities for data centres, back up rechargeable batteries will have a predictable growth in demand.”


Last July, Narada launched operations of its ‘internet plus smart energy system’ at China’s Tian-Gong international industrial park in Danyang City, Jiangsu Province. The facility, which has a capacity scale of 100MWh installed in containers on a 240 square metre site, has an expected 10-years design lifetime.


Narada said the system can provide emergency backup power and provide electricity when required to reduce peak demand.

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