Meet Gerry Woolf, the man behind Critical Power online

Critical Power Online is the latest addition to the stable of international publications produced by Energy Storage Publishing Ltd (ESPL)— including Batteries and Energy Storage Technology (BEST) magazine, the world's leading journal on battery manufacture and design and the emerging field of large scale electrical energy storage.
Launched in 2003, BEST magazine covers developments in all battery chemistries from lead-acid to lithium-ion. Chinese BEST, its sister publication, was launched in 2010 to make the editorial excellence of BEST available in Mandarin to the burgeoning Chinese battery industry.

We also distribute a weekly news briefing, in English and Mandarin, that is a roundup of the most important news stories relating to the battery industry.

Now we're drawing on our expertise to energise coverage of the critical power sector with our unique brand of technology journalism— and we want to hear from YOU

Whether your world revolves around UPS systems, hybrid power, genesis, fuel cells and standby power of all kinds, including batteries, then Critical Power Online is for you.

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